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meet elizabeth

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Allow us to take you on an edible journey in an environment of fun, connection and creative expression. Elizabeth was shaped with the desire to bring people together at that table and it continues to be her joy today.


The drinking of tea has been a manifestation of cultures for hundreds of years. Tea is more than a beverage; it’s a medicine, a tonic, a social stimulant, a digestive aid—a way of life. Elizabeth finds that her passion for tea complements her love of travel and exploring new cultures.  


Fluent in Spanish, French, and Italian, she has traveled to at least 12 countries and has developed a deep respect for the depth and variety of tea as a beverage, ritual, and culture.  


Using her in-depth multicultural experience, Elizabeth enjoys tea as a way of life and takes pleasure in sharing this knowledge by facilitating tastings and classes on the history, preparation, and social customs of tea. Elizabeth holds a degree in history and a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Relations.

"Everything stopped for afternoon tea when I was growing up. In a life where change is the only constant, the one thing that didn’t change was our ritual of gathering around the table to enjoy piping hot tea and good food and conversation.

My desire to become a life-long learner of tea evolved through my travels and living in southern France while studying history and intercultural relations. I was struck with how universal the ceremony of tea drinking was and how much we could learn about each other through its unique customs.


I founded Elizabella Tea & Co. with the vision of bringing together the traditional eloquence of teatime with tea education and culinary experiences that capture the joy of travel, gourmet discovery and cultural encounters. 

My hope is to inspire and empower you through interactive tea talks, tastings and pairings and awaken Joie De Vivre."

Let’s elevate simplicity and make life better together. Let’s eat, drink, and go places!

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